October Update
03 Oct 2017
Hello friends!
It's the start of a new month, so I figured it was time for a status update on The Memory Lane.
It is going smoothly! I've made a lot of progress on planning the story, and really developing (our very elusive) Ave'nai. Working on her has really lifted up the story to a whole new level.
I've updated her design as well, still working on it though. But I have time before she really truly appears in the comic.
I've made some name changes here and there.
While Rebecca has had that name for 8+ years, having two main characters (who are not related in any way) with similar names was a bit confusing.
So Rebecca is now named Katalin. Close to the alias she was going under in the current version up on the site.
The country we're in is now named "Eshlia" rather than "Ave", to avoid confusion there as well.
"Ave'rus" doesn't exist like this either anymore.
Nathaniel doesn't go by this name anymore in the comic, because.... reasons. (I'm keeping it a secret, you'll see.)

Anyway, I don't know if I'm on track with my schedule. It's hard to tell right now.
I've used over a hundred post it notes just full of story events, rearranging them constantly to form a coherent story. I've got more in the first half of the story, than the other half, so that's the challenge at the moment right there.
I hope to begin scripting again this month (with a new sense of much-needed direction).
Looking forward to getting back to drawing! I've really missed it.

See you next time. :)