Gods & Deities

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Goddess of Light


Ave’nai is an entity of pure magic, her realm is The Memory Lane. An afterlife where souls return
to their genesis and eventually reborn back into Mathea.
A thousand years ago, Ave’nai became the last God remaining in existence with the Deities under her thrall. As a result, all of humanity gained the ability to use magic with ease.


Deity of Darkness

As Deity of Darkness, Aran is the perfect opposite of Ave’nai. His realm is said to be
beneath the roots of Ave’nai’s Tree of Life, casting eternal darkness over a pseudo-Mathea of his creation.
Aran’s name has become synonymous with terror, nightmare and malevolence.
Though since becoming The Guardian of Magic, Aran has been cast in a more positive light. Some believe they are two different beings.
Known mortal lifespans: Richard Hamilton


God of Creation

Forgotten by the very creatures he made, Ave’rus was lost and forgotten for a millenium.
His first name was Mathea, and along with Eruelia, he forged and shaped the world into creation.


Deity of Destruction

Ave'rus and Eruelia were the first beings born of Mathea.
As Deity of Destruction, Eruelia is the perfect opposite to Ave’rus and for millions of years they
fought each other in an everlasting struggle for control.
Yet no matter how much was destroyed, life prevailed. And where there was life, there could be death.
For the past millenium, Eruelia has learnt what it’s like to be mortal and living without her beloved Ave’rus.
Known mortal lifespans: Niu, Rebecca Grail


The Cosmos, the God of all existence. Distant, cold and endless. The Cosmos abandoned any interaction with Mathea during the war between Ave’nai and Ave’rus.


The Cosmic Daughter

Ihene is a daughter of the cosmos, one of the many entities that serve as ambassadors for the Cosmos.
She came to Mathea when the planet became more evolved and showed signs of sentient life.
Becoming mortal a thousand years ago broke Ihene’s connection with the Cosmos,
something she has spent lifetimes attempting to mend.
Known mortal lifespans: Solias, Salome Warner


The Court of Justice

The Court of Justice overseers the law across all of Mathea.
Though each country has its own set of laws, the Court of Justice and it’s members are the ones enforcing it.
The Court has existed for approximately 800 years, led by an entity simply known as “Justice”.
Four Judges of Peace, Truth, Retribution and Virtue directly represent Justice herself, and often
attend cases where a serious offense has been committed.
Answering to Judges are Magistrates; located in major cities as commissioners of law.
Arbiters are field agents carrying out missions given by Magistrates. They often act as judge and jury.
Lastly, Peacekeepers are low rank officers maintaining peace and order in cities and towns.

The Cult of Rus

Or “The Cycle”
This group is believed to be heinous fanatics breeding necromancers, shamans and kidnapping children.
In reality, The Cycle seek to restore the balance left unstable by Ave’rus expulsion from existence.
Understanding the intricate harmony between Creation and Destruction; one cannot exist
without the other. The Cycle has instilled purpose in those who had nowhere else to go.


[VRI-brahy] (Sounds kinda like “Ribeye”)
The Vribrai are an ancient breed of vampiric humanoid creatures,
created by Eruelia, the Deity of Destruction for the sole purpose of preying on mankind.
After the war between Ave’nai and Ave’rus, the Vribrai were cursed by Aran and given a choice to live
in fear of the sun for eternity, or be turned human. They chose to latter.
As humans, the Vribrai forbid the use of blood magic in fear it would bring back the blood curse.
They have since adandoned their name and settled on the island Nagravania.
The group known as the Vribrai today seek to return to their original roots, no matter the cost.