Main Characters

Richard Hamilton

Rebecca Grail

[RICH-erd : HAM-uhl-tuhn]
Age: 39 years old (1036)
Affinity: Ethereal
Sub-affinity: All
Field: Deity of Darkness

[ri-BEK-uh : grayl]
Age: 18 years old (1056)
Affinity: Creation
Sub-affinity: Soul (Ethereal)
Field: Deity of Destruction

Richard is the usurper King of Ave and the current lifetime of Aran, the Deity of Darkness.
His short time as Arch Druid granted him one single task from Ave'nai: End the God of Creation.

Rebecca is the current lifetime of Eruelia, the Deity of Destruction.
Being the daughter of a Nagravanian Prince and Avenian royalty is not a recipe for a peaceful, idyllic life. Rebecca's existence made a traitor of her father, and both her parents paid the price in blood.

Nathaniel Russel

[nu-THAN-yuhl : RUHS-uhl]
Age: ??
Affinity: Creation
Sub-affinity: ??
Field: ??

Supposedly a member of the Cult of Rus, Nathaniel seems to have been helping Rebecca behind the scenes, but not much else is known about him.

Minor Characters

Victor Dorsey

Arsur Arasal


[VIK-ter : DAWR-see]
Age: 25 (1050-1075)
Affinity: Soul (Ethereal)
Sub-affinity: Unknown
Field: Shaman

[AHR-sur : ah-RAH-sahl]
Age: 18 (1056)
Affinity: Darkness (Ethereal)
Sub-affinity: None
Field: Hunter

Age: 35 (1040)
Affinity: Shapeshifting (Creation)
Sub-affinity: Unknown
Field: Whitemarsh Wolf

The lost Baron of Linnesse whose life ended before he could tell his secrets about the Cult of Rus.

The young new Hunter from Nagravania.
Arsur is the grandson of Arasal Khan, yet treated with contempt for his half-blood heritage.

The younger brother of King Richard, Nicholas is a werewolf initiated as a tracker in the Whitemarsh Wolf Clan.

Other Notable Characters

Giles Chandler

Mr. Chandler is an Agent of the Crown, tasked with locating the whereabouts of Rebecca Grail. He currently works with Nicholas Hamilton.

Huntsmaster Yasai

The Huntsmaster is the commander-in-chief of the Hunters, and therefore Arsur's boss.

Arasal Khan

Arsal is the supreme leader of Nagravania. He's known for being extremely strict with laws and traditions. He is the grandfather of Rebecca and Arsur.

King Zain Grail

Zain was King of Ave who turned tyrant, and subsequently defeated in a duel with Richard Hamilton. He was distantly related to both Queen Amelia and Rebecca Grail.