Main Characters

Richard | Aran Katalin Grail
[RICH-erd : AH-rahn]
Affinity: Darkness
[KAT-uh-lin : grayl]
Affinity: Elemental
The first reincarnation of the God of Darkness in a thousand years. Also the King of Eshlia. Has unsuccessfully attempted to find the reincarnation of Eruelia for 15 years.
The latest reincarnation of Eruelia, the God of Destruction. Currently in hiding, and immensely weakened by the absence of Mateus.
Mateus Ave'nai
Affinity: Creation
Affinity: Light
The God of Creation and soul of the planet. Deceased and buried by Aran.
The Goddess of Light and ruler of the hereafter "The Memory Lane." Known as the fate-weaver and center of most religions throughout the world.

Minor Characters

Victor Grail Queen Amelia  
[VIK-tor : grayl]
Affinity: Soulseer
[uh-meel-yuh : wawl-druhn]
Affinity: Cosmic Magic
Runaway noble, human soul shield, and a distant cousin to Katalin.
The Queen of Eshlia, and Richard's wife. Eshlia has prospered immensely during her reign, despite her forceful takeover of the throne.