The Memory Lane

Ave’nai, the Goddess of Light’s reign as sole God of this world as been uncontested for a millenium,
but rumours of the return of the God of Creation has led Ave’nai to reincarnate her
only winning card: Aran, the Deity of Darkness.
Reborn as the mortal Richard Hamilton, Aran brought King Zain of Ave to his knees and usurped his throne.
As the new King, Richard has been hunting down any and all sign of Ave’rus, the God of Creation.
His most recent clue: A cult of necromancers.

About the Author

Sandra Danborg is the artist and writer behind The Memory Lane comic.
Twenty-two years of age, currently living in England. Presently pondering the prospects of becoming a pharmacist,
and continuously prodding away at the script of her comic.
When not working on the comic or various other artistic ventures, she spends most of her time playing games,
mostly just World of Warcraft: A Hopeless Addiction, or rereading A Court of Mist and Fury for the nth time.